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European Aion server Online 2000+

 Aion Online

Private aion server, ideal quality and maximum gameplay comfort, participate in the pvp events of the server and get i...

Aion Old School 2.7

 Aion Online

European server in 2.7 rates x10. really good community friendly staff. event ingame all weeks. ! pvpve server, max leve...

Aion America 4.6

 Aion Online

Version 4.6 classic rates / no pay2win / no editions / no bugs, everything works 100% / server located in south canada /...

Aion Eternal 2.7 - Servidor Brasileiro

 Aion Online

Venham conhecer o novo servidor aion eternal 2.7. --- discord - https://discord.gg/4rmfepc2uc no intuito de trazer...