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Aion America 4.6

 Aion Online

Version 4.6 classic rates / no pay2win / no editions / no bugs, everything works 100% / server located in south canada /...

Aion Old School 2.7

 Aion Online

European server in 2.7 rates x10. really good community friendly staff. event ingame all weeks. ! pvpve server, max leve...

Aion Eternal 2.7 - Servidor Brasileiro

 Aion Online

Venham conhecer o novo servidor aion eternal 2.7. --- discord - https://discord.gg/4rmfepc2uc no intuito de trazer...

European Aion server Online 2000+

 Aion Online

Private aion server, ideal quality and maximum gameplay comfort, participate in the pvp events of the server and get i...